SPORT CONDITIONING / weight training

This is a supportive program to athletic youth and students interested in learning how to strengthen their bodies with weight training. Students will practice various stretching techniques and with dedication can learn to become advanced weightlifters. We have trainers who can assist youth who want to increase their endurance, stability, flexibility and overall physicality. This will help to improve performance in their chosen sports such as: football, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming and more.  


A child doesn’t have to be an athlete to benefit from cardiovascular training and weightlifting.  There are a multitude of other healthy results this activity provides. We help develop leadership skills and introduce devoted students into assistant coaching, as well. With this knowledge they can assist their peers who want to maintain healthy bodies, increase fitness levels and overall self-esteem. If interested, youth will also be more prepared to enter a field of physical fitness in the future.


Students start our classes as beginner weight lifters and are expected to put in the dedication and effort toward furthering their knowledge to become advanced body builders. This level includes: learning muscle groups, proper body mechanics, moderating gains through healthy nutrition and more. We at FOCUS want to not only help our youth improve their physique but their overall lifestyle. 


Each participant receives a training folder with basic methods aimed at increasing gains through daily challenges. Sequences are issued weekly and programs remain accessible for students and athletes so they can develop at their own healthy pace. Upon reaching an advanced weight lifting title, students will require little to no supervision in our gym. Competent lifters will also have the privilege of utilizing the equipment for a short period, after our main operating hours, without any interruptions.


Class Structure and Details Coming Soon


The ancient traditions and history of Taekwondo give depth and dimension that not many other sports or activities can provide. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that highlights kicking techniques but also includes many hand strikes and other movements utilizing the entire body. The drives can be mighty and explosive, but also fluid, graceful and precise. This is a beautifully balanced sport to observe and appreciate, as it involves a dance-like system. It serves as a competitive sport, an aerobic exercise, a clear method for self-defense and more.


Martial Arts enhance confidence and self-esteem by enriching physical and mental abilities. Youth in martial arts have been shown to develop: concentration, focus, self-discipline and understanding of a philosophy. The training encourages youth to respect others, challenge themselves and persevere through difficulty. Children are inspired to succeed and take control of their minds and bodies.


Good posture and physical health helps maintain a clear mind so we’re more alert and conscious beings. This awareness naturally carries over into all areas of our lives. The focus achieved can assist youth greatly in academic studies, which is essential in lowering the rate at which our children and adults are being prescribed drugs to enhance attention and focus. Individuals are able to learn and progress in an organized, self-disciplined manner. 


At FOCUS, our training accommodates youth and parents, so anyone can participate and gain from it. The classes are structured to create a safe, encouraging and positive environment for all. Age group and experience levels will divide the classes and as students advance, they will intermittently endure tests to be promoted in rank upon effective execution. Requirements for a rise in belt stay posted on our Martial Master manifestation board. This gives our warrior students the opportunity to always see the next goal they can strive for. 


We strive for excellence in all that we do, so naturally our students are encouraged to achieve the highest-ranking black belt. With this goal in mind, youth will learn to preserve through obstacles in order to reach the level they want to be at. Once an individual achieves their end goal, they have a beautiful journey to remember and a sense of accomplishment to take pride in. Those interested can compete in tournaments, sparring events or other forms of competition we organize. 


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Our FYC Soccer Program aims to encourage fun, educational and safe soccer practices to children and adolescents age range 3-18 yrs. Our mission is to help develop intuitive and resilient soccer players with age appropriate training. We focus on improving technical, physical and psychological skills in order for athletes to become well rounded and play their very best.  

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Urban communities breed some of the most outstanding boxers of our time.  Youth enduring these tough environments tend to develop the necessary grit and inner strength it takes to become talented and skilled in boxing. We at FOCUS Youth Center want to reveal these often hidden talents and nurture their skills. Our training staff encourages the development of positive attributes such as: respect, discipline, dedication, honor, solidarity, sportsmanship and more.


Beginner boxers will be introduced to the sport gradually. We start by teaching; stretching techniques, warm-up routines, proper hand-wrapping methods, rhythm, footwork and combinations, the foundation for all further development as an athlete in boxing. We use heavy bags, jumping rope, running and calisthenics as part of our conditioning. 


As athletes’ progress, they learn skills in defense such as: blocking, punch avoidance, head movement, counter punching and how to take a hit. From this point, it becomes a bit tougher. A strong appreciation and respect for the sport needs be there in order to carry the individual through. 


Our boxing program incorporates student partnering to keep kids training consistently. Skills are further developed when techniques learned are practiced and applied with a different partner, who isn’t going to use the same combinations or come with the same energy. It keeps the athlete “on their toes”, which is also essential for speed and agility.


Sparring will take place at our trainer’s discretion. Coaches use scales with students in relation to the intensity of sparring. Partners will discuss the level at which they’re going to train before the bell rings and then proceed to stay aware of each other throughout the match. This next phase of training also includes speed bags, upper cut bag, double end bags.


If the student isn’t already benefitting from nutritional planning in our other programs and classes, coaches will assist in weight management and diet. Our students in the Film program are also involved by helping coaches’ videotape training sessions to review for competition preparation.

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Our courts provide youth with a supervised and safe atmosphere to enjoy: a game of one-on-one, full court games, organized tournaments and other fun childhood competitions such as HORSE and Around-The-World. Our experienced coaching staff supervising youth will also be able to assist and teach: exercises, drills and techniques to improve their game.

Class Structure and Details Coming Soon

This activity class is exactly that, spontaneous! No focus in these sporting sessions. We’ll construct an hourly schedule of random yet intentional sports games for kids to sign-up for such as; kickball, dodge ball, baseball, softball, tennis, flag football and more.