Poverty-stricken, urban communities unfortunately have limited access to proper art programs and education. Today’s youth are suffering in these often dense populations that are riddled with violence, crime and drug abuse. Our children desperately need a safe space off the streets to explore their talents. Giving young people the opportunity to figure out what they enjoy most, and which skills they’re best at, is essential for building self-trust, confidence and a sense of purpose. At FOCUS Youth Center, we will provide the framework and guidance to help them achieve fulfillment and truly thrive in our ever evolving world.


We’re creators that enjoy the arts; music, poetry, individual and collaborative painting, jewelry making, fashion, theatre, film, photography, other visual arts, sports and more. These activities provide us with a way to express ourselves, gain new perspectives and experience joy. Children and teens involved in art and sports activities have increased academic results, memory function and develop skills such as: focus, persistence, creative thinking and cooperation. Studies show that student behavior and attendance improved, while suspensions decreased, in schools that are involved with integrating the arts. It’s evident that it has a huge impact on youth development, therefore we believe in delivering opportunities to explore as many artistic outlets as possible.

Our interior design provides a state-of-the-art home like environment where both children and their parents can feel comfortable and engaged. Aside from the Arts programs, we’ll have other educational classes available for our youth to learn extended curriculum not available in public schools. The Parenting Intervention programs offered provide the most current knowledge to assist parents in being the best role models they can be. FOCUS staff will be full of trained and experienced counselors, social workers and other professionals prepared to handle homeless youth, teen parents, youth in child services, and other young people and adults who have experienced trauma or difficult situations.


Every culture around the world has contributed to our society and it’s vital we choose to embrace each other whole-heartedly. Our Spiritual Center serves as a self-realization haven to nurture this universal connection and enjoy common ground, even through an array of beliefs. The FOCUS Youth Center Greenhouse and Garden is a beautiful surrounding to experience a sense of spirituality and connection to life force. All children and parents are welcomed, loved and equally respected. We look forward to learning, healing and growing with every underserved community across the country.


Please enjoy navigating our website to find out more information and join in on helping to create a better world for the future of our humanity.


Our vision for FOCUS Youth Center is to provide a safe, multi-cultural space in underserved populations where children of all ages and their parents, have the opportunity to learn, gain focus and thrive.




To provide dynamic and innovative programs that encourage healthy social, emotional, physical and spiritual development in children, adolescents and parents.

  • Safety and Equality are essential for positive youth development. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy towards violence, discrimination and unsafe health conditions of any kind. 


  • When youth and parents walk in the door, we want what they see and feel to create an engagement. We’re designing a home-like environment where everyone can feel comfortable learning and having fun. 


  • It’s well known that positive parent-child relationships are an important foundation for children’s success in school and in life. Therefore parents are invited to take part their children’s activities at our center and enroll in our free Parenting Programs.


  • Our Board of Directors believes in putting funding where it’s needed most: our programs and the staff directly handling children and parents. FOCUS Youth Center houses ample staff to provide the necessary attention and time needed for each individual. 


  • We all have the power to create our visions and bring them into actualization. FOCUS Youth Center is a place to share this knowledge, provide resources and facilitate individuals into a thriving life they can enjoy.


  • Within our youth-driven program, we allow kids to take charge. We know the more we allow kids to offer ideas, help run the center, raise funds, establish activities and set boundaries for behaviors, the more they feel trusted, respected and purposeful. The space truly becomes theirs to take pride in. 


  • Most adults prefer their children to be separated by age and we cater to young children and teens.  Parents of elementary and middle school students usually don’t want their kids hanging out with older teens, so we ensure separate areas of activity and learning without youth feeling segregated. 


  • We integrate Positive Youth Development, a theory based on years of research about the best way to help young people ages 12 to 21 grow into adulthood. With positive opportunities and support from caring adults, youth are more likely to succeed in academics, career and life.


  • Human beings are walking vessels of star power. When we learn to trust ourselves, we tap into a divine flow of creative energy. We begin to let go of fears and move into living lives of Love. 






According to the Family & Youth Services Bureau and youth development experts, young people will make better choices and be less likely to: drink, smoke, use drugs, act violently, do poorly in school, have sex, attempt suicide, gamble, etc. 



intellectual ability and social & behavioral skills



positive bonds with people, institutions and community



building integrity and gaining moral centeredness



positive self-regard, a sense of self-efficacy and courage



humane values, empathy and a sense of social justice


A youth with the 5 C’s is on the path to a sixth C, 



to self, family, community and civil society


According to America’s Promise Alliance, young people need five elements or promises to succeed in life.







Both strategies implemented by FOCUS Youth Center promote: social and emotional well-being in young people, the ability to regulate emotions, skills to live independently and make healthy choices, flexibility, positive relationships with peers and adults to heal and recover from difficult experiences.