Kim is currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. She was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. After high school she went on to study briefly at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Kim then decided that painting and drawing wasn’t going to fulfill her creative soul, so she left and went back to Missouri. From there she pursued education in acting for three years at The Creative Actors Workshop. 

In 2009, the day after her 21st birthday Kim headed west, to lead a life in the film industry. Upon arriving she found a home at Playhouse West, in Los Angeles where she continued her acting studies. Kim has been honing her talents and abilities in various fields. She’s developed passion in: writing, acting, directing, producing, cinematography, editing, website design, graphic arts, drawing and painting. 

The experience Kim has gained in the film industry is extensive. Throughout the last eight years she has been cast for five feature films, has played a role in the creation of over twenty-five short films, has acted in five plays and has had a part in roughly seventy-five sketches that have appeared on YouTube and other platforms. She has also co-lead a campaign for a feature film production that raised $45K in just one month.

Kim has won 6 awards for; best actress in a comedy, best actress, best drama, grand jury prize, best picture and best film in several different film festivals. She is multi-talented, driven and can wear several hats at any given time when it comes to filmmaking.  Kim is quite an asset to have on board with any project she touches and is one of our greatest contributors of FOCUS Youth Center.

An advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ community she is compelled to help create a safe space and speak out on behalf of our youth who are being bullied and the many who still haven’t felt comfortable “coming out”. She believes we all have the right to be proud of Who We Are.