Tutors & Counselors


Our educated and experienced staff serves youth tutoring and counseling in:

  • Math, Reading and English

  • SAT/ACT preparation and registration 

  • Career development and exploration  

  • College application assistance

  • Scholarship search and assistance with financial aid

  • Personal statement writing and editing

  • Mental, Emotional & Spiritual support

We work with students of diverse backgrounds and provide extra support to youth in grades K through 12 with the entire education process from: learning how to read, necessary math skills, writing and grammar help, as well as college admissions. We want to increase the number of students attending any form of post-secondary school, given that is what they choose after much exploration. 

Our counselors, social workers and life coaches are also equipped to assist individuals of all ages through life’s many obstacles. We know that we don’t have all the answers and that our opinions are just that.  Staff members implement a holistic approach with techniques to facilitate individuals in order to come to their own answers and conclusions.

Language Courses

FOCUS Youth Center also offers language classes to youth and parents wanting to further their communication skills in a multi-cultural world. Communication is a foundational element in promoting our healthy connections and relationships. We encourage embracing diversity and cater to the multi-cultural communities we serve.

Our first founding location is in New Bedford, MA where Portuguese, Spanish and English are predominantly spoken. Therefore, we’ll start by offering a series of these language classes for the people of this community. We hope for individuals to take advantage of these free language classes to break down the superficial barriers that separate us.  Conversing with each other more effectively improves our ability to co-exist through these minor differences.

Class Structure Coming Soon