Everyone should have access to clean drinking water. It is vital to our survival. Here at FOCUS we house an advanced filtration system capable of removing heavy metals, toxins and unwanted elements from our water supply. This water will be available through: all drinking fountains, spouts and sinks for cooking water in our kitchen.  Citizens of the community will also be invited to come fill up their jugs at a first come first serve basis between allotted hours.



Our Culinary arts program incorporates classes for all ages in: cooking, nutritional education and fun community services classes like, Cultured Cooks, where everyone gets to learn, share recipes and create dishes from all over the world. The kitchen will be youth friendly and handicap accessible.

Alongside our Registered Nurses, we’ll proudly staff Holistic Wellness Practitioners for a well-rounded approach to first-aid medical needs. Our FOCUS Youth Center healing staff are also trained and prepared to serve youth with effective Teen Pregnancy and STD Prevention programs.



We all know the importance of reading and the effects it has on our lives. The FOCUS Youth Center community library houses a vast range of reading material for all ages. Sections in the library will suggest designated areas according to age groups 6 -11 and 12 -19


Our theatre auditorium is designed for large capacity seating and multi-purpose functioning such as: presentations, seminars, rehearsals, performing arts productions, concerts, movie screenings and learning space.

We have designed a 2,000 sq. ft. personal art gallery for our youth to display their works from within the Art and Photography programs. FOCUS Youth Center staff, parents and youth will host monthly art showings and quarterly fundraisers within the gallery. We’d like to note that our Music, Film and Fashion programs have the opportunity to display their work in our auditorium, as well as participate in fundraising events related to their chosen focus of art or activity.


When youth want to spend an hour playing games, our supervised dual recreation area will be the place to go where they can enjoy: board and card games, gaming systems, pool, foosball, ping pong, air hockey tables and more. Children ages 6-11 will have a space next door to adolescents ranging from 12-18. All youth will learn to play, share and organize tournaments.



The janitors and custodians at FOCUS Youth Center are on-duty daily with schedules to ensure the cleanliest environment possible for our youth, parents and staff to enjoy. We avoid chemicals by using toxic-free yet potent, earth-friendly cleaning products throughout our entire facility. Parents can feel good knowing they’re entering and leaving their children within a bright, clean and safe atmosphere.

We’ll have friendly but firm on duty guards walking our grounds to ensure our safety. Surveillance cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the building with constant monitoring will ensure awareness of what is going on at all times, increasing further protection.