What we wear is an expression and representation of who we are and what we like. Ultimately it’s whatever we want it to be and it’s different for everyone. Fashion is seen an outlet for art, love and culture to combine. Often we’re influenced by: what our peers wear, the artists we enjoy, media and magazines, our cultural backgrounds and even the movies we watch.  

Most of us have heard the common saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, yet we still often do. In underserved communities especially, youth don’t have access or the funds to purchase the latest fashion trends. Unfortunately our entire society struggles with developing a strong sense of identity and self-value without owning the latest popular brand name of clothing or shoes. 

Dressing our bodies with attire is one of the first steps we can take out of poverty. We all know to look our best for job interviews and it’s something we do daily that elevates our energy. It isn’t usually until we age and come into our own, that our style evolves and we dress more for ourselves. 

Our fashion program encourages youth to take back their sense of identity and values. Adolescents will have the opportunity to join classes and enjoy supervised access to: digital sewing machines, templates, patterns, fabric and other essential materials to create their own pieces fashion.

We’ll host quarterly fundraising fashion shows to display our creations with the community. We’ll also have articles of clothing for sale in our FOCUS Boutique. All proceeds go directly back into the program.

Class Structure and Details Coming Soon.