We all have a story. There are a multitude of stories within a story. In our visual world, movies and other cinematic productions are a powerful way to share these messages and show the inner workings of our vivid imaginations. Film stimulates our senses and moves us in ways not many other art forms have the ability to. Our youth are encouraged to become the next generation of filmmakers, cinematographers, journalists, animators, editors and more. Our mission is to build a greater presence of young voices and educate adolescents in media arts for purpose of self-expression and creating internal shifts that lead to more interaction and social revolution.

At FOCUS Youth Center we empower adolescents ages 13-18 to work together in creating films while addressing issues that are important to them, especially representations of what it’s like growing up in underprivileged communities. Students in underserved urban cities are often exposed to harsh environments and feel disconnected. We believe they can become an engaged and integral part of the solution. In our workshops, youth will gain hands-on experience in: camera skills, storytelling techniques, film production, editing, audio and video broadcasting and more, all while having fun sharing media that shows their perspectives of the world and their immediate surroundings.

Various genres and outlets are inspired including: documentary, drama, comedy, thriller, animation, etc. YouTube alone has become a sensational platform that opens the door for content and expression every day through: tutorials, web series, PSA’s, short films, video-logs, feature length movies and more. Our film production workshops give aspiring youth the chance to learn from experienced instructors and gain skills to view current media attentively in order to expand their knowledge in creating engaging media with substance. We encourage the desire to obtain a level of leadership in the field of film. 

Our program also helps integrate elders and senior citizens, who are often left alone without stimulation, back into connection with community and our youth. We’ll be pairing up two-three youth with one senior each month to produce a short film of their life story and what they’ve learned in all their years spent here on Earth. Connecting youth with elderly establishes significant relationships that teach patience, respect, compassion and empathy. They may even gain an additional mentor and positive influence in their life.

Youth are able to showcase screenings and host community gatherings for us all to continue learning and become entertained by their final film creations. We also offer youth the chance to hear feature speakers, well-known directors, actors, producers and other filmmakers in the industry to further learn from these successful working and thriving artists in their field.  Other classes and seminars include media theory, film history and evolution, cinema studies and more.

Class Structure and Details Coming Soon.