In every culture throughout the world, music is created. It’s a magical and melodic expression of who we are and the effects of sharing this art are profound. Music has the power to build not only social and academic skills, but it also helps youth develop self-confidence and self-esteem through unleashing their creativity.

Many teens in underserved populations seek music especially as an outlet to escape their harsh environments. Studies show a decreased drug use in adolescents who have the opportunity to play an instrument or be involved in the creation of music in some form. Adults who had studied music in high school were 20.25% less likely to have ever tried cannabis, 26.55% less likely to have ever tried cocaine, 41.18% less likely to have ever tried crystal meth, and 25.12% less likely to have ever tried other illicit substances.

Still, music education is absent in many schools and after school youth programs, especially in our urban communities. This presents a struggle to attract and hold our youth’s attendance during the most influential phases of their lives. We believe it’s imperative that our children have the opportunity to learn, create and express through music.

At FOCUS Youth Center we provide our young children and teens with instruments, instructors, state-of-the-art audio engineering and recording equipment, vocal coaching, song writing classes, poetry workshops and more. Participants within our music program will also have the opportunity to work with students in our film department to produce visuals that accompany their audio works.

We encourage youth to share their works of art with their peers and community by hosting monthly performance artist showcases, screenings, poetry slam contests, fundraisers and more.


Class Structure and Details Coming Soon.