A parent is a child’s foundational nurturer, teacher, encourager and protector. Parents are an important partner within our facility for maintaining the well-being and development of their youth. This applies to biological, adoptive, stepparents, foster parents, grandparents, older siblings and other family members. 

“The power of parental love will be our greatest asset in changing society, once the true nature of childhood becomes common knowledge. I have worked with neglectful, abusive, substitute, and well-meaning natural parents in parenting support groups for thirty years, and I truly believe that most parents do the best they can, based on their knowledge. Improving their knowledge has almost always resulted in improved function as parents. Most parents love their children, but they simply don’t understand children well enough to provide the childhood experiences that children need to become loving citizens of the world. The world cannot be whole until the people in it are whole. It all boils down to individuals, and can only be changed on an individual level.”
                                          - Eric Greinke, M.S.W., C.S.W. Whole Self/Whole World

We human beings don’t come with a manual.

Our parents truly do the best they can with what they know.

It’s essential for us to continue to do the best we can and apply what we learn. 

Adolescents are having children, without enough life experience or funds to raise and educate the beings they’re bringing into the world. With the support of adults to guide and teach the necessary skills to succeed, adolescents especially have the ability to make decisions and contribute to the world around them. However, no matter what age of the parent or caregiver, there are always ways to grow and improve in our nurturing abilities.

FOCUS Youth Center provides an array of information for parents to learn, grow and thrive alongside their children. Our licensed staff are trained in Parenting Intervention curriculum and equipped with the knowledge to implement these programs into our facility. We have both group and individual based programs to; build nurturing parenting skills, provide education about age appropriate expectations, counsel parents of a child with behavioral problems, and reduce abusive and neglectful parenting practices. 

According to An Office of the Administration for Children & Families (ECLKC) Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, depending on their focus, parenting interventions have been shown to bring about positive child outcomes including decreased problem behaviors and increased: 

  • Social and emotional competence 

  • Language and literacy 

  • Cognitive development 

  • Child attachment and/or relationship with parent

Parenting interventions offer a structured set of activities that engage parents directly in ways that will influence one or more of the following parenting behaviors: 

  • Nurturing (warmth, responsiveness, sensitivity) 

  • Discipline (handling challenging child behaviors, providing limits, teaching self-control) 

  • Teaching (conveying information or skills) 

  • Language (conversations) 

  • Monitoring (watchfulness) 

  • Management (scheduling, routines)


Below are links to more in depth information on Parent, Family and Community Engagement, as well as the guidelines we use to make choices about the parenting interventions we implement in our program.