Photography is a beautiful way for us to capture moments and share our unique perspectives with each other. We all see sights differently. Each individual set of eyes can catch an array of compositions unlike those from the next. Children especially see the world through an inimitable lens. Their innocence, imagination and purity radiates through each photo they take.

We encourage children and adolescents to explore photography as a creative hobby or profession. At FOCUS Youth Center cameras are placed directly into youth’s hands for an active photography experience. We teach them the basics while inspiring experimentation and creativity. We have a different approach and level of learning for each age range.

Youth will get started with camera and gear, shooting angles and lighting techniques, photocomposition, landscape photography, portrait photography and post-processing tips. Participants in our program will have the means to gain confidence in their photography knowledge and skills in order to thrive with the arm form. Adolescents will also create online blogs to showcase their talents and engage the world with their perspectives.

We’ll also take educational trips to museums, local galleries and studios as part of their exposure and learning experience. Our art gallery also provides children and adolescents with the opportunity to showcase their art for the community, friends and family.

Everyone can invest in the lives of our youth with something as simple as interest and encouragement. We must inspire the next generation of creative artists. One of these children will grow up to become a highly appreciated and world-renowned photographer all because they were given the opportunity to explore.